Hey, there.

I'm a big fan of real life: the imperfect, gritty joy that comes from big, honest striving. 

My camera is my pen. It's the tool I use to write down stories. Stories of love, grief, hope, humor, potential, connection, and delight. 

My own story includes a husband, four kids, two cats, lots of books, ballerinas, and a slew of struggling house plants.

What's your story? 

I'd love to help you put it onto pixels and paper.

Moments that matter.

Motherhood and Photography go hand-in-hand for me. I learned photography because I wanted my children to know that they belong to moments of beauty and light. I wanted them to see that they are part of a beautiful whole.

About my work

My photography style is rich and clean. I always aim to match colors as true to life as possible, and often use light in a way that adds depth and drama.  I have a studio in midtown CDA, and am also available to shoot on location anywhere your heart desires. I am comfortable with both studio and natural light.

I am not a huge planner.  I prefer to see what the moment gives me and make the most of it. Photo sessions with me tend to be very laid back. I am completely unphased by rowdy children, bad weather, and wardrobe malfunctions. But a big part of my work does include photoshop to clean up acne, muddy knees, unsightly environmental distractions (like garbage), and to occasionally swap heads from one shot to the next to make sure everyone looks their best in the final image.  Do I sound like a good fit for you? 

The Process

01. Connect

request a session

Fill out the contact form and let me know:
-what type of session you are interested in
-when you'd like to do photos
-any questions you have for me

I'll respond within 48 hours with details about availability and pricing.

02. Contract

It's a date!

Once we have agreed on a time and place for your session, I will send you a contract and invoice, which can be signed and paid right from your mobile device.

At this time I will provide additional information about how to prepare for your session.

03. Create

Coming together

Right before we being, we'll review your goals and dreams for the session to make sure everyone is on the same page. Then we'll have a lot of fun! Experimenting with light, location, and expression will help ensure we capture exactly what you want.


choose your images

No high-pressure sales tactics here! An online gallery of images will be delivered within 14 days after your session. Choose your images and products in the privacy of your own home.

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