@2019 by Charlotte Gardunia.

family photography


My preference is always to photograph families in a space that is meaningful to them, whether that is in the home, at a favorite park, or doing a favorite activity together.  

In-home sessions are my favorite... just for the record.



I love baby bumps!  Pregnancy is, in my opinion, beautiful.  Some women feel self-conscious about their changing bodies, but I promise to work with you in posing and wardrobe selection to help you feel uh-mazing.

Partners (and even other children and/or pets) are encouraged to join in, but maternity sessions can also be focused on just the mother.  

If flowing dresses in the woods aren't your thing... let's chat.  I have LOTS of ideas for alternate ways of documenting this time!


Engagements, anniversaries, or just because!   If it's been more than two years since your last portrait with your partner (selfies do not count!), then it's time for an updated photo.  


Couples sessions can take place as part of a family session- no problem.  You'll just have fewer images to choose from.