Hi, I'm Charlotte.


Photo by Shanda Call


"It is my personal mission to find the beauty in everyone and everything, and to document it if I can."

Why photography matters: 
When we see ourselves in a photograph, it significantly impacts the way we think and feel about ourselves.  A grainy selfie in bad lighting can make us feel... well... bad.   
When I take your picture, my goal is make you see yourself as part of a beautiful whole.  I want to show you that you belong in places of beauty and light.
For me, photography and motherhood go hand in hand.  I couldn't separate the two if I tried.  I photograph my children so they will see themselves- literally and figuratively- in the best light possible.  I want them to see themselves how I see them.  
About me:
Married since 2004  |  4 kids  |  2 cats  |  Utah native  |  Idaho is home  |  BS in Psychology  |  Dance Instructor  |  Lover of books, nature and God

what to expect:








things to know:

- Refer your friends! For every friend that mentions you as their referral source upon booking, you will receive $25 off your next photo session. Tell enough friends and your next session could be free!

- Booking Fees are refundable until 24 hours prior to the session, MINUS a $35 processing fee. I will work with you on rescheduling in the case of an emergency or truly inclement weather such as lightning, extreme wind, a downpour or blizzard.  Light or intermittent rain is totally workable... and you might even get a rainbow! 

Turn around time, from session date to gallery availability, is typically about 10 days.

Your online gallery will be available for downloading and ordering products for 21 days from the date of delivery.  There is a $5 fee to extend your gallery for an additional 30 days, and a $20 fee if I have to reopen your gallery after it has closed.

- Digital Files include a limited print release. However, I strongly encourage my clients to print their large display pieces through me to ensure correct color, contrast, and cropping.  No guarantees are made on the quality of 3rd party printing.

- Sharing is Caring... please feel free to share any sneak peeks I post on social media.  I respectfully ask that you provide my name in conjunction with any images you upload to social media.  If you would like your friends and family to see all of the images in your gallery, you are welcome to share your gallery password and link with them. 

- Don't know what to wear?  I can help!  I'm more than happy to consult with you by phone, text, FB message, or even in person if that is what you need.   See examples in my instagram story Highlights, and get tips by searching #cgpwhattowear.

Please be on time for your session.  This helps me to provide you the best experience and images possible. Plan to be early in case traffic is backed up.  

Pets are always welcome, but will not be in every picture. If your session is not at home, please bring along a friend to care for your pet while you are otherwise occupied.​

- I am not currently booking full wedding packages.  Engagement sessions, bridals, and formals of the wedding couple are available.  Delayed receptions, elopements and informal wedding ceremonies will be considered on a case by case basis.  

- Charlotte Gardunia Photography is an LGBTQ+ inclusive business.



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